Hypnosis and coaching in Nantes

Hello I’m Mikhaël Vicarini, I’m a coach and hypnotherapist.

How I can help you ?

I can help you for lots of conditions :
>Improve your self confidence : speaking at a meeting, daring to speak to someone (your boss, a man/a women…)
>Bad habits : bitting nails, obessive compulsive disorder…
>Addictions : tobacco, social media…
>Stress and anxiety : fears about driving, about taking an exam, panic attack…
>Phoebias : fear about blushing, about spiders…
>Bad eating habits : snacking, eating too much, don’t have the feeling about a full stomac…

I can’t help you for these situations :
>Hard drugs : It should better to see an addictologist 
>Mental Disorder (schizophrenia, psychosis, paranoia) : Hypnosis is dangerous in these cases. It’s better to see a psychiatrist.

I may help you for other problems and situation, don’t hesitate to email me if your problem is not on the list ! vicarini.m@gmail.com

Who I am ?

My name is Mikhaël Vicarini,  I do the job of coach and hypnotherapist in Nantes since 2016, and I have helped lots of people. My coaching cursus and diploma are recognized by the French state. (Master II – RNCP 7 – Five years of high studies). Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) are not officially recognized by the state in France, but I have an international accreditation (IHA – International hypnosis association).  I’m doing some conferences in companies (Pileje…), associations (Scolie) and public structures (MSA).

If you want to know my testimonials, you can see them here :

PS : I’m not a native speaker. I’m not totally fluent (I have a Higher intermediate level – B2) but I enjoy speaking in English and I keep learning.
If you are an expatriate, for example, this service is for you ! But please be tolerant if I make some language mistakes.

Where am I ?

You can come to my office at Vertou in the south suburb of Nantes or online with Google Meet.

You may come by:
Car : Free parking in front of the office
Bus : Bus stop “Coqueluchon” Line 42 Vertou – Pirmil
Train : Vertou station (10 minutes walk)

If you prefer to stay at your home, it’s possible! You just need to have a computer, access to internet and headphones.

How I can make a reservation ?

If you want an online or a local session, you can book just here :

What kind of hypnosis I use ?
When you see a hypnotherapist, you have the choice between lots of ways. 
The way of energetic (chakras, magnetism, shamanism, spirits…) or the way of science.
I only use a scientific approach. I don’t judge anyone about spirit hypnosis, but it’s just not how I work. For example,  I can’t make you remember what was your previous life (but I think if you pay someone to know that, he or she would tell that you were for sure a king, a queen, a great emperor but never a poor labor…).

I’m using the research of the Phd Milton Erickson, famous for his research in psychiatry. I use the rational and modern way of thinking,  like the anthropologist Gregory Bateson.

May I do hypnosis or coaching in a session?

Both of them. Coaching can help you find your goals, improve your behavior. Coaching is the way to improve your conscious. 
Hypnosis can help you stop a bad habit (like tobacco, for example), a phobia…
Hypnosis is the way to improve your unconscious.

How many sessions will I have?

It depends. Generally, hypnosis and coaching are short therapies. So in few sessions you will see some improvement. For example, if you want to stop your cigarette addiction, it’s possible to stop in only 2 or 3 sessions. But if you have a more complex problematic like anxiety because of a trauma, for example, it may take more sessions.

If I’m not receptive of hypnosis?

Everybody is receptive, but with different degrees. In the first session, I will try to know your receptivity with some questions and exercises. If you have a low level of receptivity, don’t worry, I can give you some homework for you to improve your receptivity. So don’t be surprised if we don’t make hypnosis in the first session !
I’m used to adapting my sessions and my way of working, to suit your personality and your goals. Low levels of receptivity don’t mean no receptivity at all, we can work with time and adaptivity.   

And if I have some others questions ?

At first, don’t hesitate to check the others parts of my website. It’s in French obviously, but don’t hesitate to make an automatic translation with Google Chrome for example. 
But if you can’t find your answer, don’t hesitate to email me at :

Disclaimer :
I’m absolutely not a doctor. If you have a medical emergency, you must call the 112. If you have some doubt about your medical condition, you need to contact a doctor. Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Coach are not doctors. I can’t treat you with medication. Hypnosis and coaching are soft, no medical therapy.